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The AUTHOR Pascal Rijnja

The screen stares back. Empty. Blank. Like an unwritten sheet of paper.
The idea that once slipped in unnoticed and quietly nestled itself, had finally found its way. Quietly at first, searching for the best and most beautiful path, slowly growing faster and more focussed on and on through a staggering plot into an increasingly exciting story to arrive at last where or what it was already from the beginning: a fantastic adventure.
And now it wants to break free, it wants to be read, it's ready.
The distance between where it is now and where it wants to go is almost nothing, not more than sixty centimeters. While ten fingers lie restlessly on the keyboard, a thin black dash waits impatient blinking in the still blank white background for what's coming. Asking. Challenging.
Twenty-six letters and a handful of punctuation marks, that's all he's got. That's all he needs too, they are the same letters and punctuations that everyone else got. It is not in that number, but in the correct order, the chosen pairing of how to hustle those same letters and characters again and again in a way that the created words form sentences and those sentences grow into chapters that make the reader longing for more.
That makes that writing potentially transcends everything else.
The author writes and the reader allows himself to be accomplice, willing or forced, on a journey, where, when and as the author wishes, balancing between fantasy and reality, served on a bed full of excitement, romance, drama and sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
That is what makes writing so beautiful. Each time the same letters, but ultimately endlessly varying in a different unique story. Your story.
For you, my distinguised reader.

The screen stares back. Empty. Blank. As an unwritten sheet of paper
But not for long anymore. The author knows it and takes his position at his desk. A smile curls the corners of his mouth when he sees the small blinking black dash slowly shift to the right leaving letters behind forming the first words.
Exactly as he knew they would.
The adventure that was locked up in his imagination until then, finally finds his way out. As the first words kind of shyly find their way through the white background, the adventures eventually start filling the pages more and more fluently. Characters come to life, dialogues arise, the line between describing and experiencing gets thinner and thinner untill it vanishes more and more. Scents are described as if it caresses the authors own nose, he feels the pearing sweat droplets of fear run along his leading character's forehead into his own neck, he hears the sounds that scare his characters, feels the tension and excitement as if it is him they chase and he cherishes the warmth that makes a slippery jacket fume in the sun.
An author is not only compassionate with his characters, he is his characters, feels what they feel and shares anything that happens to them.

The author is the story, this now, and all the stories that will follow.
And that author, that's me, Pascal Rijnja, and I am as happy as can be.
Since april 1965 that is. Writing more often, but never published before. With broad interests, especially what people controls and what keeps them occupied, what directs them and how they let others direct and control them. Too often I asked myself what would have happened when I went left instead of right, untill I did go left instead of right and my first real story made his entrance. In my own way, capricious with an entirely own way of storytelling.

Therefore I am very proud to present my debut, the first result of that latent author's dream: This NOW..
Let me know what you think.
I would like to know, because it's you I wrote it for.

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Deze NU
It's no use crying over spilt milk. They say.

The author Pascal Rijnja about Deze NU:

'Do not expect an obvious 'from A to Z walk-in-the-park novel' with the conventional begin-mid-ending structure. There has been much more thinking on constructing this story. Deze NUis a sciencethriller 2.0. You may have no clue where I take you chapter after chapter, but believe me, I do not reach you these puzzlepieces for no reason. Fasten your seatbelts, relax and give yourself over, expecting, curious and with patience and let yourself taken away on this adventure jumping from chapter to chapter where everything comes together in an ending that will make you feel good.
Deze NU is a sciencethriller and I do hope I get my readers thinking a bit more than reading the more common novels'.

Deze NU (This NOW) is a very exciting sciencethriller playing in an intriguing way the 'what if''-thought: What if you would have acted different as you actually did?
How would your life look like than? Would you want to know? Would you rather have made those other choices? After all, it is the consequences of your choices that determine which side your life is.
Any choice, even a simple one like if you take the left instead of right, can completely change your life.
Whether you like it or not.
Matson and Lois, two students with a clever idea, realize that you are not only making your chosen choices, but all your choices you have not made too. You go to the left, but you do also go the right. You just don't know it, because you are only conscious of the choices made by you.
As soon as the two find out about a way to switch to other unintended choices, they apparently have opened doors that should have stay closed.
The possibility to switch another now into This NOW rapidly turns from a profitable commercial idea into the only way that for them to survive and eventually save the world from the greatest possible disaster imaginable.

There is only one now, they say. This now.

But that's not true at all.
You are only aware of this one.

Check out Deze NU (Dutch edition) or This NOW (English edition) for more info about this sciencethriller from this new Dutch thrillerauthor Pascal Rijnja.